House Rules

We want to ensure everyone has a good time when attending our dances, sessions and workshops, so here are a few ground rules.
Two people dancing in ballroom hold
Illustration by Hazel Lamb
  1. We want to maintain a safe, welcoming environment for people to dance, play, enjoy the music, and hang out with friends both old and new. Anyone who wishes to join us in this is very welcome.
  2. Please be friendly to all humans, regardless of age, race, gender expression, sexuality, or ability. This includes being respectful in your language and in your physical contact with others.
  3. Please respect the bodies of your partner, other dancers, and your own. We are happy to help if you’re having trouble bumping into others or if anything feels uncomfortable.
  4. If you encounter or witness any issues in the behaviour of other attendees, please bring it to the attention of an organiser. We will then help the person(s) involved to change their behaviour or else ask them to leave.

With thanks to Bristol Blues dancers for letting us borrow some of their house rules!